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Semi-Friends Only

Cuz sometimes I say things I don't have to say (bonus points if you know what I'm referencing ).

10 Things About Me:

  1. I'm 19 21 years old

  2. I am working 2 jobs and going back to school in September cuz I fcked up my choice the first time to study Medical Laboratory Technology or Biology. I hope to go into genetics at some point.

  3. I hate when cabinets are left opened

  4. I dream up and never actually write write fanfiction and original fiction

  5. Some fandoms include, Harry Potter, Inuyasha, ATLA, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, The Adventures of Tinin, etc

  6. Grease is one of my favourite movies of all time

  7. I'm single, if you were wondering and kind of taken by 3 separate people in my heart but that's not important

  8. Siri refers to me as HBIC

  9. I'm quite dramatic at times

  10. I'm agnostic

  11. I'm a conundrum of other things and I would love to share them with you, providing you're not a maniac or shrink... oh that's eleven... wtv

she_wants_my_dick_draco(not mine)

Certain posts are set to friends only while others are not.  If you don't care about my life then just scroll down. If you do then feel free to leave a comment, or just add me. I like people.

I'll Just Put This Here

TVD 06-02
I was procrastinating bored and made this in celebration of tonight.

For some reason LJ will only upload it in shitty quality -_- but you can make it out.

I also had no idea Jeremy had one of these portraits and by the time I found out I couldn't be bothered with trying to fit him in. Sorry, not sorry.


That's Our Sabrina

I really liked this episode. It wasn't as epic as I was hoping for but I was quite pleased at the end of it.

I loved:
Georgina, she was so washed out last season, but so refreshing in this episode.
Dan's ever evolving rat's nest.
Mention of Jenny's racoon eyes
NJBC + Dan and Georgina looking for Serena, they're all so entertaining together
Serena's new life with Matt Camden. As dumb and Serena-like as this is, I think it may be good for her. Maybe she'll finally find herself this time.
Chuck and Blair promising to be together and holding off on their inevitable reunion. That limo scene, my heart.
Nate for being Nate

What I didn't like:
Rufus and Ivy horizontally dancing at the end
Blair's.... assistant? He reminds me too much of Louis and it makes me uncomfortable
Dan wanting to write this book
They need to stop trying to make us care about Ivy. They should have kept Lola. Just because Nate forgot about her doesn't mean we did
I don't care what Bart is up to
Lily hadn't talked to her daughter all summer and Rufus tries to justify it by using his excellent parenting of Jenny as an excuse wil really(actually that was just funny)
The final scene that scarred poor Dan for life
malfoy scared as shyt
The fact that Dan and Blair have yet to talk about what happened last season. They need closure and to become best friends again so I won't have to see my tumblr filled with Dair/Chair WWW III anymore

I enjoyed this and I'm so sad they're only 9 episodes left (because we really wanted that reminder CW)

Side note:
When Chuck said he had to "walk it off" I was trying to figure out what the hell he was talking about because nothing life shattering occurred. And then I thought, 
jizz in ma pants. Then I couldn't stop laughing for hours. 
My feelings on tonights episode of Gossip Girl

Should have gone Victor Victrola tonight
It amazes me how I manage to find time to write about TVD despite me not having time to write about anything else. This be dedication right hurr!! Any who, let me begin.
  • So this week's episode took us a a ball held by the Originals AKA the Mikaelsons, which I'm hoping is just some kind of cover last name for when they travel or try to do anything normal people would do. Why? I'm not a history buff but I don't think people back then had last names :S and even if I'm wrong about that, Mikaelson translates to son of Mikael and that would also mean that Mikael's name (when he was still alive) was Mikael Mikaelson... no. -_-
  • Rebekah is still mad at Elana for literally stabbing her in the back. Can't blame the girl. I'd be pissed to. She didn't get to go to HOMECOMING! Poor dear.
  • Elijah is still awesome.
  • If the Originals survive this whole thing, they need to have a spin off. A whole hour may be too much but maybe a web series. If no one will pitch this, I will.  and I want Kol's babies
  • It was also nice to see them interact as a family. They almost seemed like a normal family. Klaus running in, yelling at Rebekah for trying to kill Elena like she's his favourite toy, Rebekah saying that she daggered her so it was only fair, Klaus saying he'll stick a stake through her heart, Kol interjecting himself, saying that the whole dagger threat is old, Klause getting aggravated cuz Kol is giving him lip, Mama OG coming in and breaking up shyt and calling Klaus to speak with her, like he's in trouble... Well a family of children, but its still nice :)
  • Rebakah had some awesome-sauce words for Elena  and told her it's not all about her. About time someone said it.
  • Alaric is still in the hospital following last weeks mystery attack which we've just forgotten about tonight
  • Bonnie was also MIA this episode, as was Tyler. Tyler is apparently working on his ish, which I expected. Though I must say when Caroline was listening to his message, I just pictured Michael Trevino away on vacation, somewhere on a beach recording this, as he enjoys his vacay fromTVD
  • Caroline did not go to the ball solo though.  Klaus sent her an invitation and a pretty dress to. How did he know her size?
  • Klaroline- I believe that's their name now- has truly grown on me. I thought this was some stupid random thing that was being thrown our way. I figured Klaus had some hidden agenda and was planning to use Caroline in some way. Turns out and it may not be an act after all. I really enjoyed seeing Klaus in-like with someone, it was so heart warming. I really thought he would come off as cold and detached, but there goes Joseph Morgan blowing away my expectations again. I love that man.
  • Their interaction throughout the episode was mostly Klaus being his charming self and Caroline blowing him off in a somewhat polite way. I mean the girl won't just forget that fact that he tried to kill her and everyone she cares about, juts saying. She also gave Klaus a dose of reality. Yeah, you tell him girl!
  • He then responded with this . This is the moment I became a Klaroline shipper (To explain the letter, they had a bonding moment over a horse and we also learnt that Klaus is quite the artist).  Sorry Tyler.
  • Matt and Rebekah also seemed to continue whatever they had before she was daggered and stuck in a coffin.  I don't know how I felt about this. Matt blew her off later on which is understandable. Her fine as sunshine brother Kol tried to kill him, so I'd want no part of that either. I'm sure Rebekah will be fine though...
  • Mama OG has a plan to kill her children which I believe she called "abominations". She feels that since she created them then it is her job to destroy them. This is NOT OKAY in my books.
  • The Plan: So far it is to use the essence of Elena's blood in the champagne that they will drink at the toast. When this happened Ester does a spell to make her children one. That way when one dies, they all die! Still NOT OKAY!
  • Elijah asked Elena if his mother was up to something, but she said no, her intentions were true and watched as this happened . THIS IS SOOO NOT OKAY!! I don't know if my heart can handle watching Elijah dying for a FIFTH time! I highly doubt this plan will work the way it should, but still... I went to watch the episode again and I couldn't watch this part, the part where Elena lies to him, or the part where Ester feels bad for lying to Elijah.
  • I can't blame Elena though. Ester if the ORIGINAL WITCH, I wouldn't cross her either.
  • Finn is the only child who knows and is all ready to die. Wtv, go ahead, just leave your brother out of this.
  • I also think its interesting how it was Tatia's, the original doppleganger, blood who turned them, and it's Elena's who may... turn them human :O It could happen... I'd rather human Elijah then dead Elijah.
  • Speaking of Elena, there's a lot of hateration online for her from this episode. One is the reason above, signing the death certificate of the only original who worked to save your life. Remember that Elena?
  • The other reason follows Damon's obsessive way that he tries to protect Elena. I get that he loves her but he was being borderline possessive in the way that he insisted that she not go to the ball and undermined all of her decisions. I've always said that I don't like the person Damon is with Elena and this proved it. Any who, because of this Elena enlists the help of Stefan to get Damon away so she can go talk to Ester. Stefan snaps Damons neck and I think he enjoyed it too much. When Damon waked up, he's pissed and Stefan tells Damon that he cares too much and that makes him a liability. Stefan later regrets this. Damon finds Elena and they argue about the same thing, he says the reason he's upset is because he loves her (for the first time if you don't count the time he said it and then compelled her to forget) and she says . I'm not even a Delena shipper/fan wtv and even I was like . Damon, you deserve better than that. Afterward, he does like Damon does when he's hurt, emotional, drunk and reckless. I will not miss soft, poo Elena this, Elena that, Damon. Bring on the Bad Ass Mother Fcker he is meant to be.
  • There was also a bunch of Stelena sexual tension, like this  and as a Stelena fan I was indifferent because I know there will be no reconciliation anytime soon. But I did like this scene near the end . This just verified everything I felt about Stefan. He's always decried himself as a caring, selfless person when he was alive and as a vampire your traits become heightened. Also as a vampire one's emotions become more intense, so a vampire feels anger or sadness 10 times more intensely than a human, hence why most just turn it off. Enter, brooding, I have the weight of the world on my shoulders Stefan, I can see why he would need a break from the emotional torture.
  • It was interesting to see the whole Stelena/ Delena dynamic but if I had it my way it would be just Elena by herself. I mean   girl walks in with two Salvatores on her arm and she looks like she swalloed a vat of cement while passing a kidney stone. SMH girl -_-
  • Any who, I've been waiting for something to happen for a while now. I recall an episode where Damon was trying to distract Rebekah by flirting with her. There was an exchange of snarky works and hot marshmallows on a stick and since then I dreamed of this happening   and it did tonight. Let it be known; there is no sex like vampire sex.


This happened tonight on TVD and I couldn't be happier :)

And this was tweeted by Daniel Gilles

And then this happened to me.

T'was a good night. 


My thoughts on tonight's episode of Gossip Girl

Now on to less painful things, like studying while sick.
I'm going on a bit of a rant, there will be sentences that don't make sense and possible cus words. You are warned!

Stefan's lost his fckin mind and I can't even deal. I could handle Ripper Stefan and
Psudo-Ripper Stefan and even whatever the fck happened to him in season 1 but I can't even do this anymore. He actually scares me now. And he left Elena on the fcking bridge her parents died after he almost killed her! At least drive the girl back to civilization you prick! And how did she even call Damon is Stefan threw her phone out the window?? I'm sorry, I love Stefan and I can't even handle what he's become. I don't know if he's acting, I don't know if he fell and hit his head when he and Damon were fighting last week, but I just can't even and- I just can't.

I miss this.

He and Tyler need to check into a post-Klaus stress disorder clinic and get some help.

When did Carol and Liz find out about everything? I obviously missed something. The only thing I could think of is when Carol witnessed Tyler transform, ad then what? he told her everything? I'm pretty sure I'm just forgetting something from earlier this season.

Klaus is one smart ass mofo! I admit this weird thing with Caroline has me intrigued but let's be honest, he had just given the order to have Tyler kill her like 12 hours ago. You can't tell me now that he all of a sudden cares for her well being? He want her on his side and he's doing all the right things. That man/ hybrid is just an amazing character and the writers keep making me fall in love with him. You can't make us fall for the villain! It's not ethical as he's going to have to die at some point. Damn you TVD writers and Joseph Morgan.

Ms. Forbes still flawless as usual.

Jeremy leaving was son anti-climatic which confirms that he's coming back soon.

This episode inspired me to have my own funeral.

Bonnie's mom needs to come back soon (next episode I think) and give her a well deserved story line. Poor girl, I swear Matt had more lines than she did.

And Matt. I may just like him again. Maybe even care... just a little.

Are they going to make Paul Wesley's wife a crazy, psycho bitch again? Nanny Carie actually moved to Mystic Falls. Did you see how her eyes lit up when she asked if Jeremy was his kid? She'll be disappointed when she realized the boy is 16-years-old.

Delena... Another day. Another post.

Love this fckin show.
I'm tired now. BUT, this happened,  so we're all good :)


New Year, New Font

It's been a while since I've been here. Mostly becasue of school and holiday stress. I've also been kind of stubborn cuz I had planned on my next enrty to be on my new laptop. Much mishaps and bad luck later I should be receiving it by the end of next week. So, what has prompted me out of my LJ hibernation? Why a roaring new episode of TVD of course !! I just feel the need to share my excitement!

I've been suffering from mad TVD withdrawl and have began reading the books, rewatched the first season and even began reading Bamon (is that what it's called) fanfication. Now that the show is back I feel as though all is back to the way it should be in the world :)

I do have to make this quick as I have other things to attend to this evening but I'll start off my saying that as amazing sauce as this episode was, it was really a filler episode. We didn't really learn anything ground breaking and the story didn't progress a huge deal other than at the very end of the episode. Because I'm on a time crunch instead of going on and on about what I love and didn't love as much I'll just mention what setups I'm looking forward to seeing play out in the next episode and going forward.

  • Jeremy left. I heard that someone was leaving Mystic Falls but I honestly thought it was going to be Tyler. I have to admit I missed half of this scene due to my fajah being the world's biggest TVD interloper and talking over everything, so I'll have to rewatch and get back to this. But I look forward to seeing how he ends up coming back to mystic falls.
          Also, they were running out of things to do with him so it's for the best. Don't need another Matt running around.
  • Tyler being ignorant as shyt. I don't understand why he doesn't see what's going on and why Jeremy has to be the one to tell him what everyone has been trying to say. Klaus owns you biatch, and it's not like you don't know so wtf? I figured he'd realise what a liability he is to his friends and skip town for their own safety. Guess not. I look forward to seeing where this goes. There is a disadvantage since no one trusts him anymore so that should be interesting. I just hope he survives the season.
  • Klaus is being his bad-ass awesome-sauce self which isn't news but his deal with Elena has upped the stakes even more.
  • Enter Paul Wesley's smoking wife as Dr. Fell. Probably Alaric's new love interest and she knows more than she lets on. I mean, she is a Fell. And she's hot. I'd do her. What was I saying. Yes, setup! I'm interested.
  • Damon and Stefan have a bonding sparring match in which Damon finds out the real reason Stefan saved Klaus. The brothers join forces for bring down my boy Original. This will be fun.
  • Damon then proceeds to FINALLY kiss Elena... I have my thoughts on Delena that will have to wait until another post. I will say that I'm excited to see where our my favourite brotherly alliance and this kiss will lead us next week.
I have SOO much more to say, but I have to get going.

This happened and I'm okay with it... for now.


I should be studying right now, and I will be soon, but I just had the latest episode of Gossip Girl on my brain so I just had to get it all out so I can get back to my school work. Here it is:

This episode was one of those love/hate episodes for me. After thinking about it, I think I actually loved it!
Glad "Inside" is a hit agin. I'm not sure how that happend from Twitter... I guess Katy Perry has a lot of power in the literary world.
I'm not a fan of a romantic Dair relationship but I love these two together and tonight really solidified that. Dan putting aside his feelings and wants for Blair's happiness was really great to see and I now have a renewed sense of love for the guy. This is more that I can say for Serena however.
At first I believed Serena was for team Louis because she wanted Dan AND because she actually believed Louis would make Blair happy. But the more I thought about it, doesn't Serena know how Louis treated Blair and all that he's done? I know Chuck isn't the greatest person in Serena's eyes and I could see why she would push for Louis but as the episode went on I realised she was more for anyone who wasn't Dan.
How sad, really? Your best friend? I get that Dan is the best thing to walk into your life, but really? You're going to push this jealous, possessive and controlling misguided fool on your friend to get him back? Really? I was not impressed. Serena continues to be dead to me.
As does Charlie/Ivy. I still don't care about this story line. I know she won't be gone for good (she's a season regular) and her mini confession to Rufus won't mean much in the long run. The only thing that interested me was Max and whatever he did with Trip in attempt to take down Chivy.
Now, I'm assuming Trip payed Max to tamper with the car that Nate was supposed to be in. This is kind of a stretch but I can believe that Tripp could be THAT desperate (he ran off on his wife with Serena, he's obviously not all there). I guess Tripp payed Max a generous amount and then skipped town. What I don't get is how this ties in with Max wanting to get back at Chivy? I hope this will be explained in January because I'm not getting it.
Moving on with this conundrum, Nate and Chuck & Blair get into the wrong cars (the dangers of having chauffeur) leaving Chair to be chased by the paparazzi in a tampered car. The last 20 minutes of the episode felt very Diana and Dodi (I had a mild obsession with the "People's Princess" a few years back) especially when the car crashes, SHOCKER!
Now Blair loses the baby, not said, but we all know and Chuck's status is unknown, but it's not good.
Obviously the man's not going to die but whatever the outcome, it is going to interfere with our Chair bliss. I'm a Chair fan and their reunion didn't quite feel like the BIG reunion I've been waiting for. It was reminiscent of when they got together at the end of last season, it was just too easy. I knew this wasn't it, so now I'm wondering what's next. There still is a wedding... unless it's not Louis she's marrying. But then why does she run away... Dan? I don't know but I do know if the GG writers pull an amnesia kind of story line, I will turn off my tv and just walk away. I wouldn't be able to cope.
The last thing I want to mention is this Diana/ Jack thing. At first I believed they were actually behind this whole "accident" and was irate. After thinking a bit I remembered that Diana has some sort of connection to Chuck, or at least Bart. The only other person who would know of this secret (other than Grandpapa I guess) would be Jack Bass. Somehow the results of tonight's episode fall into plan with whatever these two are hiding. I'm intrigued. for now.
All in all, I'm really satisfied with this episode. And it's got me looking forward to 2012.  I figure the CW wants me to be on edge about the state of Chuck's mortality but I can assure them I won't be losing sleep, wondering if he'll live or not. What I am looking forward to is:
- What Tripp and Max's agreement was (if it was anything more)
- This Diana/ Jack thing that Grandpapa may or may not know about (the woman could more than one secret I suppose)
- Does Grandpapa have an ulterior motive, he usually does
- What happens when everyone finds out Chivy sent the blast to GG (prob nothing, since she's "untouchable")
- What happens when they learn the car was tampered with (I assume there will be an investigation... but then again this is GG, so...)
- Of course the future of Dair (friendship, sorry) and Chair... don't care much for... Lair?
- What will happen with Dan's hair?
- Will Serena ever get a soul?
Onward to 2012!!
I also want to add that this REALLY should be the last season of this show. It's all wrapping up (somewhat) nicely and another season would just drag on what really doesn't need to be, and in the end ruin the show.



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